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Ceviche Tours was founded to provide Sustainable Eco Tourism Services. We have a real Love for the Marine Environment that surrounds Isla Mujeres and Isla Contoy. This fragile Reef environment is part of the second largest barrier reef on the planet. This Ecosystem is the Nursery of the Caribbean and the migratory path of Sea Turtles, Water Foul, Game Fishes and the Largest Fish in the World, the Whale Shark.


Through Education and Photo Identification efforts, it is our goal to be part of a World Wide effort to protect and Preserve the Whale Sharks. As participants on our Whale Shark Tours, you are invited to be part of those Identification and Tracking Efforts. Our Licensed Guides will be photographing the Whale Sharks we encounter on our Tours, and then submitting the identification photographs and sighting data to ECOCEAN to become part of a World Wide Identification and Tracking Database. Please go to and to learn about the efforts ECOCEAN has already made and the amazing Science used to Identify and help preserve the Whale Sharks throughout the world.


Project Domino - Technical Data (pdf)


  • Swim With Whale Sharks: 
    $145 per person


  • Private Tour $900 
    (1-5 people)


  • Private Tour $1,100 
    (6-8 people)


  • Private Tour $1,300
    (9-10 people)


  • Swim With Sail Fish

  • Private Tour $900 
    (max of 6 people)


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