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Answers to your questions about Whale Shark Tours

Q  When does the Whale Shark Season start and end on Isla Mujeres?

A  Whale shark tour season starts in mid May and runs through mid September. Please do not be misled by tours offering to guide you out of season!


Q  What is the cost for Ceviche Tours’ Swimming with the Whale Sharks excursions?

A  The cost for tours that allow guests to swim with whale sharks is set by the Mexican governing body at $125 USD minimum. 


Q  Are Private Tours available?

A  Private Tours provide the best experience to ensure that you have the most time to spend swimming or photographing the whale sharks. Private tours start at $1,100 USD and allow for a maximum of 10 guests. Private tours are a must for professional photographers and videographers. This will provide sufficient time spent in the water with the whale sharks to help you get that perfect shot.


Q  Can I touch the whale sharks?

A  Touching the whale sharks is not permitted as they are endangered species.  Ceviche Tours is unique in that our eco tours are designed to protect the whale sharks while offering our guests the experience of a lifetime. Please see the Rules section on our Whale Shark Preservation page.


Q  How many whale sharks can I expect to see on a tour?

A  Tours last year averaged 5-50 whale shark encounters for each excursion


Q  Do you ever not encounter whale sharks on a tour?

A  The waters surrounding Isla Mujeres and Contoy Island boast one of the densest populations of migrating whale sharks in the world. Last year Ceviche Tours encountered whale sharks 99 percent of the time. This season should be no different!


Q  Are whale sharks dangerous?

A  No. Whale sharks are filter feeders, are very slow moving and extremely docile.  They pose no real threat to humans. See our Whale Shark Preservation page for more information on whale sharks.


Q  How can I make a reservation to swim with whale sharks?

A  Reserving your whale shark excursion is easy. Register online on our Tours Registration page or click on the Contact Us tab for special requests. Reservation and cancellation policies can be found in the Whale Shark Reservations section of


Q  How can I book a large group tour?

A  Our boats can accommodate a maximum of ten guests each. Groups will be arranged accordingly. If your party is more than ten people, you must reserve well in advance so our guides can plan appropriately. Also, please be sure to arrive extra early the day of your tour.


Q  What if my tour dates are already taken?

A  We have a network of other reputable guides on Isla Mujeres that we trust that we can refer you to.


Q  Where do we meet the boat for the tour

A  Ceviche Tours meets all our guests at the Gas Dock 100 meters to the left of the Ferry dock on Isla Mujeres. If you need transportation from Cancun, that can be arranged in advance for an additional charge.


Additional questions?  Contact us anytime by email at


  • Swim With Whale Sharks: 
    $145 per person


  • Private Tour $900 
    (1-5 people)


  • Private Tour $1,100 
    (6-8 people)


  • Private Tour $1,300
    (9-10 people)


  • Swim With Sail Fish

  • Private Tour $900 
    (max of 6 people)


  • Click here for reservations

  • Rules and Restrictions

  • Cancellation Policy










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