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Blue Water Adventures in Isla Mujeres

Swim with Sailfish in Mexico with Ceviche Tours

Blue water adventures in isla mujeres: Situated eight miles offshore from Cancun on the northeast corner of the Yucatan Peninsula and 90 miles from Cuba, Isla Mujeres offers some of the world’s best sail-fishing and a whole lot more. This beachy seaside locale with a laid-back vibe was named one of the best sailfish destinations by Marlin magazine.

On a clear morning 18 miles North of Isla Mujeres, a group of frigates comes into view. As the boats move closer, the dorsal of two sailfish as they slice through the water and their target becomes apparent. The sailfish have gathered sardines into a tight spiraling ball and are in a feeding frenzy. We circle the scene and slow the boat to let our baits sink into the middle of the melee and instantly line starts peeling of the port short line. Game on!

Sport Fishing in Mexico with Ceviche Tours

Later, we decide to play another game with the deep blue sea: we pull in the lines, put on our snorkel gear and grab a camera for a swim with the sailfish. Everywhere we look are sailfish, swarms of bait balls and the majestic beauty of the warm Atlantic waters. As one of the most acrobatic and spectacular of the big game fishes, sails are known for their speed and aerial displays on the line, but when you see them working together underwater like a wolf pack, herding their prey into tight bait balls and slicing away at the sardines with their bills that the real speed, the agility and acrobatics of these amazing fish become fully evident. The bright displays of color flashed by the sailfish when feeding are truly amazing.

Swim With Sailfish in Isla Mujeres Mexico with Cevich Tours

Ecotourism travel agency Ceviche Tours has specialized in these kinds of adventures to the Yucatan and Isla Mujeres, Mexico since 2007. Ceviche Tours works with the people of Isla Mujeres to preserve the local culture and maintain the integrity and beauty of the surrounding marine environment. In addition to sailfishing and sport fishing charters for for wahoo, Mahi Mahi, tuna, Marlin and bottom fishing, Ceviche Tours offers excursions to swim with whale sharks, the largest fish in the ocean.

Swim with Whale Sharks in Isla Mujeres Mexico with Ceviche Tours

Sailfishing season runs from December until June, while swimming with whale sharks is best May through September. Reef snorkeling is available year-round. Guests of Ceviche Tours can also explore the culture of the ancient Mayans with guided tours of Mayan ruins and fantastic archaeological sites. Take an air conditioned van deep into the lush green hills of Mexico to the historic site of Ek Balam, one of the oldest Mayan cities of the Yucatan, and discover the mysteries of the Mayan culture. Take a tour of Chichen-Itza, then travel through time with a visit of Tulum with its breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea. Phone (US): 631-470-6315

International: 011 52 998 241 3345


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