Sailfish: A Sportfishing Adventure

From the beginning of December till late in May, sailfish and other big-game species feed in great

numbers off the sandy shores of the Yucatan Peninsula. This makes the area near Cancun and especially Isla Mujeres, Mexico a mecca for sportfishing enthusiasts. Isla Mujeres is listed in

Sport Fishing Magazine as one of the world's top 10 locations for sailfish, with a particular event being unique to the area.

Atlantic sailfish come to the area in the thousands during the winter months chasing swarms of sardines to feed upon. This makes catch-and-release fishing, which allows sportfishers to enjoy the hunt and catch of these fish then release them back into the wild, an amazing thrill. In Isla Mujeres anglers generally catch a dozen or more sailfish per boat in a single day of fishing.

Swimming with Sailfish

Ceviche Tours has started another type of charter where clients can swim with the sailfish as they feed on the sardine swarms. This can be done as part of the day

of fishing, or as a special charter just to swim with the sailfish. Imagine being surrounded by tens of thousands of sardines as they whish by you, being chased by huge, majestic sailfish dolphins and other game fish. It is truly an unforgettable experience.

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