Ceviche Tours Partners with ECOCEAN in Global Photo Identification Efforts to Protect Endangered Wh

Eco-tourism company Ceviche Tours (www.cevichetours.com), has partnered with ECOCEAN (www.ecocean.org), a nonprofit marine conservation organization, to further global photo identification efforts for the threatened whale shark population. Ceviche Tours has been accepted into the ECOCEAN network of contributors. This network utilizes photos taken by tourists participating in Ceviche Tours excursions in Isla Mujeres, Mexico, to add to the growing ECOCEAN database of whale sharks, to help identify and track this endangered species.

In working with ECOCEAN, Ceviche Tours – and their guests -- joins the worldwide effort to

protect and preserve the whale sharks. Guests participating in Ceviche Tours whale shark excursions can add their photos to ECOCEAN’s growing Whale Shark Photo-Identification Library Project, which can be found here: www.whaleshark.org.

Ceviche Tours’ mission is to provide sustainable eco-tourism services to Isla Mujeres. Founded by

John and Adriana Vater of Huntington Village’s Spa Adriana, with longtime friend and Isla Mujeres native Luis Refugio “Cuco" Sanchez, Ceviche Tours works with the indigenous islanders of Isla Mujeres to help preserve their culture and maintain the integrity and beauty of the surrounding marine environment. This fragile reef is part of the second largest barrier reef on the planet, and serves as the nursery of the Caribbean and the migratory path of sea turtles, water foul, game fishes and the largest fish in the world, the whale shark.

“This is one of the best locations in the world to research this shark and learn more about the species to help ensure their long-term conservation,” said Brad Norman, ECOCEAN founder and noted marine conservationist. “Importantly, we can engage members of the public (especially eco-tourists) in this program, by employing the goodwill of people to become involved in a conservation project that is easy, inexpensive, and has already shown a great level of success i.e. via the ECOCEAN Whale Shark photo-identification Library project.”

“Our goal is to give back to the people of Isla Mujeres. By driving tourism, we hope to contribute

to the island economy. All of our materials are purchased locally, and our photo identification

efforts help to maintain the beautiful marine habit at that can only be found in Isla Mujeres,” said

John Vater. “We are proud to be partnered with ECOCEAN, a highly respected research initiative

dedicated to preserving marine life worldwide.”

The Ceviche Tours business is a natural evolution for the Vaters and their commitment to the Earth. Together they established Spa Adriana 25 years ago as a truly green business: all building materials for Spa Adriana (including stucco, flooring and paint) were environmentally friendly.

As an Aveda lifestyle salon and spa, Spa Adriana uses Aveda product

s exclusively (all of which are plant-derived).

For years, John and Adriana have gone to local schools

to help students learn more about

environmental responsibility and to provide assistanc

e with their own educational endeavors to

promote the health and well-being of the community.

Since 2003 they have worked with Long


s Hills East High School, donating time and services to c

reate stunning looks for the models

in their annual Fashion Show which benefited the Mage

nta and Magic Cloth, a program that

supports the United Nations

efforts in dealing with world issues.

In addition, they regularly co-present with Congressma

n Steve Israel (D-Huntington), the

Appalachian Trail Conservancy, Blue Ocean Institute an

d Neighborhood Network to local middle

school students in Huntington, to discuss global warmi

ng, ocean preservation and the Endangered

Species Act. These unique opportunities, which bring

real-world issues to life for Long Island


children, are a priority for the Voters



ECOCEAN Inc. is a


-for-profit association working to generate public

awareness for marine

conservation issues. ECOCEAN also encourages and fac

ilitates quality research to provide

important information (data) to assist with 'best pr

actice' management for the future conservation of

the marine ecosystem.

At present, the primary interests of ECOCEAN include in

creased protection for the threatened whale

shark (

Rhincodon typus

) and the biodiversity of Ningaloo Marine Park in West

ern Australia. For more

information please visit www.ecocean.org.

About Ceviche Tours

Ceviche Tours provides sustainable eco-tourism to th

e indigenous peoples of Isla Mujeres, Mexico.

Founded by John and Adriana Vater of Spa Adriana in Huntin

gton Village, NY, with longtime friend

and Isla Mujeres native Luis Refugio


Sanchez and his family, Ceviche Tours works with the

indigenous islanders of Isla Mujeres to help preserve

their culture and maintain the integrity and

beauty of the surrounding marine environment.

Through education and photo identification efforts, Cev

iche Tours joins the worldwide effort to

protect and preserve whale sharks. As participants o

n our whale shark tours, guests are invited to be

part of those identification and tracking efforts.

For more information, please contact



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